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Texas Ranger

Commemorating the 1836 Texas fight for
independence.  The peghead features the image of a Texas Ranger and the stars on the fingerboard represent the Lone Star State.

                         with case

Allen Banjo necks are designed for easy playability. A slightly wider than standard fingerboard width at the nut, combined with a slimmer overall thickness, results in a neck that is easier to play than the "baseball club" neck found on most banjos. All necks are made from walnut and equipped with an adjustable two-way truss rod to maintain ideal playing action. The neck, rim, and resonator are finished with an extremely durable catalyzed finish and buffed to a high gloss.

Pot Assembly
All Allen Banjo bluegrass banjos feature a Stull tone ring carefully lathe fitted to a 3-ply hard maple rim for a superior sound. A one piece flange, notched tension hoop, brass armrest, Kershner-style adjustable tailpiece, two coordinator rods, and frosted mylar head secured by 24 hooks and nuts complete the pot assembly. All metal parts are polished and nickel plated.

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